Our service

Ballarat Men's Mental Health service

From initial contact, our team of professionally-trained staff will help guide you and your family to the most appropriate support services. They will ‘walk the journey with you’ until you and your family reach the other side.
Men's Mental Health Service
Ballarat Men's Mental Health Service

Our principles

Our ultimate goal at Ballarat Men’s Mental Health service is to build the skills and understanding of clients to empower them to take responsibility for their future health. We actively encourage men with mental health issues to seek help early in life and early in episode.

We do this by offering a male-centric service that is essentially a ‘gateway’ to achieving better mental health for local men. Our service is flexible, holistic, and recovery-focused with active case management at a level appropriate to the assessed needs of the person.

We engage men through friendly communication using language that is familiar to them and ‘jargon-free’. Our response is timely, appropriate and individually targeted, ensuring ‘no wrong doors’ and no valuable time wasted.

We collaborate with existing services. We respect that Ballarat’s current service system already reflects many skills and a great deal of experience. Part of our service is to help plan an individuals’ pathway through the services that are appropriate to their situation, eliminating the sense of frustration and futility that has been experienced in the past.

Consultations can be face-to-face or via Tele-health. Importantly, there is no denial of service based on ability to pay.

Our focus

Early detection and intervention

based on individual needs and circumstances. The service offering may change based on data and ongoing evaluation.

Triage and assessment

including brief intervention therapy as indicated, men–specific social and emotional well-being and mental health case management.

Rapid crisis referral

and access to a committed network of men’s mental health service providers.

Supported referral

to other, non-mental health related, health services that may be identified during initial assessment.

In the future, we will advocate for improved men’s mental health services in the region via focused, evidenced-based lobbying and provide school and work-based mental health education materials and programs.

Our service mix

Services may be provided by a range of mental health and other professionals including psychologists, GPs, as well as other mental health workers and social workers.

Ballarat Men's Mental Health service

In the future we hope to expand our networks to include other professionals linked to BMMH. These could include support services in areas such as:

Accessing the service

Referrals can be made by health professionals, self-referral, family/carer referral, through our website, phone or email.

Thank you for your interest in Ballarat Men’s Mental Health. Our service is now operational.
Contact us at info@ballaratmmh.com.au, or leave a confidential message at BMMH Triage: 0493 247 340

If you are seeking immediate assistance or advice regarding a Mental Health issue please contact either Life Line on 13 11 14 or Ballarat Health Services Mental Health Line on 1300 247 647. Both these services are available 24 hours a day. In an emergency please call 000.

We walk the path with you