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Mental health support

For more than two years we have consulted men with lived experience and their families, as well as traditional mental health and medical service providers, to gain understanding to how best bridge the gaps in the journey to mental health wellbeing that all too often ends in suicide.

We see it as a truly community-wide service that will benefit not only the men with whom we engage, but also their families, friends and colleagues.

Research tells us that around 135 people can be affected by a single suicide (Royal Commission for Victoria’s Mental Health System, 2021). Consequently there are many, many people in our region who have suffered the loss of a loved one in this way.

It is for all these people, and especially men at risk, that we embarked on this initiative to help reduce mental health issues and suicide among men.

The BMMH difference

BMMH will focus on early mental health intervention. We aim to provide a face-to-face service, delivered in a male/user friendly environment designed to minimise barriers to men seeking help.

Ours is a fully-integrated service where, following assessment by trained health professionals, men can be guided step-by-step through ‘the system’ and referred as necessary to other support services.

Our strong network of partners will ensure that our clients receive the help and support they need quickly and effectively, providing a seamless pathway towards improved mental health.

We also believe in making the most of social connections and, over time, will engage with employers, men’s groups, tradies’ groups, sporting clubs, farmers’ groups and apprentices through TAFE. 

Men benefit greatly from social and community connectedness, therefore a men’s mental health service cannot be truly effective if it doesn’t develop strong partnerships with a range of social support, employers, hobbyists and sporting groups.

Our mission

To provide counselling and support for men, primarily but not exclusively aged between 25 and 60, struggling with mental health issues in the Ballarat region by enabling timely access to appropriate mental health care.

Our vision

To improve access to high quality mental health care for men, taking into account their specific needs, reducing the burden of mental health issues in our community and reducing suicide rates in men.

Meet the team

The directors of BMMH have a diverse range of skills and experience, ranging from executive level health and mental health service experience, to those with lived experience of the trauma associated with men’s mental health issues. 

Importantly, we have been able to create Ballarat Men’s Mental Health from both a service provider and user perspective and, together, we have the capability, expertise and passion to guide our organisation to achieve improved outcomes for at-risk men in the Ballarat region.
mental Health Support member

Lachlan Dodds

mental Health Support member

Andrew McPherson

Emma Waldron

Rohini Joshi

Thank you for your interest in Ballarat Men’s Mental Health. Our service is now operational.
Contact us at info@ballaratmmh.com.au, or leave a confidential message at BMMH Triage: 0493 247 340

If you are seeking immediate assistance or advice regarding a Mental Health issue please contact either Life Line on 13 11 14 or Ballarat Health Services Mental Health Line on 1300 247 647. Both these services are available 24 hours a day. In an emergency please call 000.

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